Understanding Atrophic Rhinitis: What Is It?

Atrophic RhinitisDry nostrils, nosebleeds, and sinus infections are things that most people will experience in their life. However, in people with atrophic rhinitis, those symptoms can become recurrent. Let’s explore what atrophic rhinitis is, its symptoms, causes, and treatment so you can be better aware of your nasal health.

Understanding Atrophic Rhinitis

What Is It?

Atrophic rhinitis is when the tissue inside your nose atrophies or becomes thin. Once your nasal tissue has been reduced, more air is able to enter and dry out your nasal passages. This leads to irritation and inflammation of the nostrils. Continued irritation from wider passageways leads to different symptoms.


Atrophic rhinitis can cause different symptoms due to nasal irritation. It commonly causes a crust to form inside the nose, which often smells unpleasant. Some other common symptoms are chronic nosebleeds, sinus infections, loss of smell, nasal deformities, pus or drainage, and dryness.


The causes of atrophic rhinitis are wide and varied. Some include things like bacterial infections, lack of certain vitamins, structural issues present at birth, family history of atrophic rhinitis, injury, allergies, estrogen imbalances, autoimmune disease, and more.


Treatment can be based on mitigating symptoms or treating underlying medical issues. The treatment of medical issues can help alleviate symptoms by removing the root cause. Treatment can also focus on treating symptoms through things like saline sprays, nasal irrigation, nutritional supplements, and antibiotics. Some severe forms of atrophic rhinitis can be treated with surgery. However, non-invasive options are often used first to prevent surgery.

Seeking Treatment

Atrophic rhinitis can be frustrating, painful, and occasionally embarrassing to deal with. That’s why our team at New York ENT provides treatment options for atrophic rhinitis. Our staff prioritizes using the latest options in diagnosis and treatment to better help our patients’ needs. Because when you’re having ear, nose, or throat issues, you want solutions that are safe, comfortable, and effective. No two patients’ situations are alike, and that’s why we customize treatment to your health goals. If you’re ready to head towards ear, nose, and throat wellness, then contact New York ENT at 212-873-6036 today.

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