The Benefits You Should Know About Voice Therapy

When it comes to speaking, many people can have difficulties fully projecting their voice and avoiding stumbling into speech issues. Speech therapy is a treatment option that helps improve various different voice impairments.

These impairments can come from vocal cord dysfunctions which can make speech more difficult. Voice therapy can aid with many different speech disorders, and can even provide improvement and benefits before and after surgery if needed.

What Is Voice Therapy?

Voice therapy aims to improve speech capabilities and return vocal cords to their original functionality. This therapy is composed of different exercises, which are tailored to each individual, with the help of a speech therapist. 

Voice therapy is also meant to be an alternative to surgery, which is often highly effective. These exercises help minimize vocal strain and help to optimize the voice. Other benefits from speech therapy include:

  • Strengthens vocal folds
  • Provides education on healthy voice use
  • Adjusts behaviors which caused vocal injury

Who Is Voice Therapy Beneficial For?

Voice therapy is great for anyone who uses their voice to make a living, or even those who speak a lot throughout the day. It isn’t just helpful for those with vocal cord injuries, but anyone looking to enhance their speech capabilities and really learn how to optimize speaking and minimize vocal fatigue.

What Happens During Voice Therapy?

Voice therapy sessions range from once to twice a week for several months, and each session can last up to 45 minutes. During voice therapy, different exercises are done such as breathing and relaxation exercises. 

These help you control your voice more and learn how to project your voice more clearly. These sessions also include other exercises such as ones for the mouth and jaw to learn better patterns and movement for speech, chewing, yawning, and more. 

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