Ear, Nose, & Throat Treatments In NYC

At New York ENT, Dr. David O. Volpi combines state-of-the-art technology with years of experience to offer accurate diagnoses and treatment plans for a variety of ear, nose, and throat conditions at our Manhattan-based office.

As a leading ENT doctor in NYC, Dr. Volpi offers advanced surgical procedures including conservative and minimally-invasive options.

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What People Say About Us!

"Dr. Volpi and his practice are top-notch. The office is busy- but this is New York, after all- and I was always able to get an appointment in relatively short order. I was referred to an ENT after experiencing headaches that my neurologist couldn't adequately explain. Dr. Volpi was quick to assess my situation with the scans and tests I already had done, and he started me on medication and ordered follow-up testing. Ultimately, the doctor referred me to one of his excellent colleagues who provided me the surgery I needed. It's only been a week, but I can tell that my symptoms are greatly improved. I am so thankful for Dr. Volpi setting me on the path I needed to get this life-changing procedure, and it's reassuring to know that I have him on my care team should I need any follow-up treatment."

- Vishal B

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Eats Hearing & Balance Treatments

The health of your ears directly affects your balance and motor coordination. It's important to ensure you have your hearing and ear health regularly evaluated by an ENT specialist in NYC.

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Manhattan Nasal & Sinus Treatments

At New York ENT, we offer a wide range of treatment options for a variety of conditions related to the nose, sinuses, or allergies. Our doctors are experienced in sinus surgery septoplasty, and allergy treatment.

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Neck & Throat Treatments in NYC

Our board-certified doctors provide a wide range of throat and neck treatments including tonsillectomies, adenoidectomies, and more.

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Voice & Swallowing Treatments

Are you suffering from a swallowing or voice condition in NYC? At New York ENT, we offer voice therapy and treatments for conditions affecting the vocal cords.

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Snoring & Sleep Apnea Treatment NYC

At New York ENT, we offer diverse treatment plans for snoring and sleep apnea including CPAP, oral appliances, and tonsil ablation.

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