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Do I Need Surgery to Correct My Deviated Septum?

October 15th, 2020

While there are many forms of treatment for a deviated septum, surgery may be an option to correct it. When do you know if you need surgery? What alternatives are there? What Is a Deviated Septum? The septum is a piece of cartilage inside the nose that separates the left and the right nostril. For […]

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Do I Need a Hearing Aid?

September 15th, 2020

Have you noticed that you have to ask people to repeat themselves, especially if there is any kind of background noise? Do you have to turn up the TV louder to hear it – perhaps loud enough that others in your family complain about the volume? You may need to consider a hearing aid. Symptoms […]

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Is Hoarseness a Cause for Concern?

August 15th, 2020

Hoarseness occurs when you experience an abnormal change in your voice. Hoarseness can cause your voice to change in a variety of ways, although most of us associate it with a weaker, raspier voice. There are a variety of causes for hoarseness, but can hoarseness be something more serious? What Causes Hoarseness Irritation or injury […]

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When CPAP Masks and Oral Appliances Don’t Work for Sleep Apnea

July 15th, 2020

Having surgery to repair the obstruction causing your sleep apnea may be uncommon, if you struggle with obstructive sleep apnea and traditional treatments are not working, surgery may be your only option. Because sleep apnea can both interfere with your quality of life and also impact your health, finding a treatment that works is important. […]

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Why Should I Have a Home Sleep Study?

May 15th, 2020

If you snore at night or have other symptoms that make you and your ENT believe you may have sleep apnea, the first step in diagnosing the issue is a sleep study. A home sleep study has become a more attractive option for many people given the climate of the last few months, allowing people […]

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Is My Hearing Bad or Is It Ear Wax?

April 15th, 2020

Not being able to hear and having to ask people to repeat what they said can be frustrating. Sometimes, people just give up on trying to help you understand what they said. Sometimes people get exasperated. It can be embarrassing to suffer from an untreated hearing issue. But how do you know if you’ve actually […]

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What If I Can’t Use My CPAP Mask?

Sleep Apnea
December 15th, 2019

For people suffering from sleep apnea, one of the most common, and often effective, treatments, is a CPAP mask. A CPAP mask delivers oxygenated air to the patient when they are sleeping to keep the airway open and to prevent oxygen deprivation. It is a non-invasive solution, and often the first method used for treating […]

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Am I a Candidate for Laser Tonsil Ablation?

November 15th, 2019

Recent studies have determined that, while a tonsillectomy is a very safe procedure for a child, adults tend to have more complications and higher rates of post-operative infection. The surgery takes longer for adults, there is more interoperative bleeding, and healing takes longer. In fact, adults feel more pain than children just after surgery as […]

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Should I Get a Hearing Aid?

Senior man wearing hearing aid
May 13th, 2019

Do I Need a Hearing Aid Test? A hearing test is performed by a specialist in hearing called an audiologist. It is used to evaluate the degree of hearing loss you may be suffering. If you believe you have hearing loss, getting a hearing test done is a valuable first step that will ensure a […]

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Seasonal Allergy Relief Tips

woman sneezing in park
April 10th, 2019

During spring, pollen from trees and grass can trigger allergic reactions. Sneezing, itchy eyes and other symptoms of seasonal allergies can interfere with your daily activities. Common Symptoms of Seasonal Allergies When you have seasonal allergies, they typically affect your respiratory system. You might have periods of constant sneezing. Your throat and eyes may also […]

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