Know the Symptoms Of Vocal Cord Dysfunction

vocal cords Vocal cord dysfunction refers to a range of issues that could affect your vocal cords and — by extension — your voice.

The symptoms can vary from complete loss of voice to hoarseness, often accompanied by a sore throat or cough. If these symptoms sound familiar, you need to act promptly. These are some of the common causes of vocal cord dysfunction. No matter which sounds closest to your concerns, it’s essential to consult specialists like those at New York ENT.

1. Acute and Chronic Laryngitis

Acute laryngitis is the most common cause of hoarseness or voice loss and is often the result of a viral infection. Chronic laryngitis, however, refers to long-term or repeat episodes of acute laryngitis. They can be caused by underlying conditions like acid reflux, yeast infections, exposure to smoke, or other infections. A specialist should be consulted if symptoms are persistent or recurring. In the worst cases, untreated laryngitis can lead to vocal cord damage, resulting in further voice issues.

2. Vocal Overuse and Associated Lesions

Using your voice strenuously or loudly for extended periods can lead to vocal cord strain and damage, also called voice overuse. It’s common among people who use their voices in their work, such as singers, actors, public speakers, or teachers. Overuse can result in non-cancerous growths on the vocal cords, including nodules (or singer’s nodes), polyps, and cysts. These can cause hoarseness or alter a person’s voice. Although these conditions are treatable, it’s still critical to have a timely consultation with an ear, nose, and throat doctor.

3. Vocal Cord Hemorrhage and Paralysis

Vocal cord hemorrhage occurs when a blood vessel in the vocal cord ruptures, often following loud talking for extended periods, yelling, or other voice-intensive work. This is considered a medical emergency and requires immediate consultation with a specialist.

Vocal cord paralysis, a neurological condition, affects the muscles and nerves in the voice box or larynx, resulting in breathing difficulties and noisy breathing. These conditions are serious and also warrant immediate medical attention.

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