Are You Tired of Getting Ear Infections? 3 Things That Can Give Your Ears Trouble

Doctor checking patients ear during medical examination

Having an ear infection can be a frustrating nuisance to contend with. Ear infections can be extremely uncomfortable and make it challenging to get through the day. When you experience frequent ear infections can have a lasting impact on your routine, making it essential for you to get professional treatment. Dr. Volpi specializes in treating acute and chronic ear infections at their source, helping to protect your health and restore your comfort. Are you wondering why you seem to get ear infections more often than others? Here are a few reasons for this and how we can treat your condition.

Sinus Infections

If you suffer from chronic sinus infections, there is a reasonable chance that you will also deal with repeated ear infections. Sinus infections often come as a result of fluid buildup in the sinuses. Sometimes, fluid can become trapped behind the eardrum, making it easier for bacteria and viruses to thrive and become ear infections. A medical professional can determine if this is the case in your situation and use the best strategy to drain the fluid and treat the infection.


Smoking has many adverse effects on your health. One of the lesser-known consequences of smoking is that it can cause ear infections more frequently. One of smoking’s many side effects is that it weakens the tissues in your nose and throat. When this happens, it can make you more susceptible to ear infections and other issues.

Frequent Swimming

Do you swim often? If so, there is a significant chance that it may contribute to chronic ear infections. Swimmer’s ear is a specific ear infection commonly seen in those who make frequent trips to the water. It happens when contaminated water enters the ear and promotes bacterial growth, creating an infection. One way to prevent swimmer’s ear is to wear ear plugs as you submerge and keep water from entering your ear canal. 

How Dr. Volpi Can Help

Not only are ear infections frustrating, but they can compromise your hearing if left unchecked. Dr. Volpi has years of experience treating many ear conditions like ear infections. Our office can provide treatments that help remove trapped fluid, ease discomfort, and fight harmful bacteria. To find the best treatment for your needs, please schedule a consultation by calling our NYC office at 212-873-6036.

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