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Ear Infection Treatments


What is an ear infection?

An ear infection is a viral or bacterial infection that occurs inside the ear, either in the middle ear or inner ear, behind the ear drum. Ear infections that are acute, or minor and short in duration, may be treatable with conservative measures. However, when ear infections are chronic, or long-term/recurring, patients may require other treatments.

What are the treatment options for ear infections?

Conservative treatments for minor ear infections include:

  • Cleaning the outer ear with a warm, wet cloth
  • Prescription ear drops
  • Prescription decongestants or antibiotics, including ear drops and oral medication

More serious ear infections can lead to other health conditions, such as temporary hearing loss, and may need further treatment. It is important to see an ear, nose and throat specialist if you believe you are suffering from an acute or chronic ear infection to get a professional evaluation and treatment options. Doctors with New York ENT can provide a range of ear infection treatment options, including surgical procedures if needed.

If you are suffering from an ear infection, the first step towards feeling better is to schedule an evaluation with an experienced ear, nose and throat doctor. Board certified physicians with New York ENT have extensive experience providing a variety of middle and inner ear infection treatment options for adults. Fill out the form on this page or call our office at (212) 873-6168 to schedule an appointment today.

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