Earwax Isn’t Always Harmless

woman cleaning ear hrt using cotton swab

Earwax is another part of our daily hygiene regimen, and it’s crucial to maintain a steady schedule of monitoring your ears. It may be gross to see the surprise that your ears have waiting for you, but keeping your ears free of wax is not only hygienic, but it can also protect your hearing in certain ways. Some people find that their ears produce wax at higher rates than others, which can be problematic if left unaddressed. Our professionals here at New York ENT can help you deal with excess earwax and advise you on treatment methods for the complications it can cause. Here are ways that excess earwax can cause trouble and how we may be able to help.

What Causes Excess Earwax?

There are many causes for an excessive buildup of earwax. First, some are more genetically prone to produce higher earwax levels than others. Experts debate the exact cause, but if you have a family history of excess earwax, it is also a significant chance of affecting you.

Also, the environment can play a role in excess earwax production. If you work or live in an environment prone to high dust levels, your ears can trap these particles in your ear canal, leading to excess production of wax. You can combat the issue by keeping dust levels in check with regular maintenance cleaning.

Other causes of excessive earwax buildup can include:

  • Your age
  • Bony growths in the ear canal
  • Using hearing aids
  • A narrow ear canal

Conductive Hearing Loss

If you’ve noticed that your ears are producing a disproportionate amount of wax, schedule an appointment with one of our specialists. If untreated, high earwax levels can affect your hearing, leading to conductive hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss can cause several uncomfortable symptoms, such as ear infections, ringing in the ears, pain, itching, etc.

Here at New York ENT, we specialize in treating conditions like Conductive Hearing Loss and excess earwax buildup. After evaluating your symptoms, we can utilize the best strategy to fit your situation, which can include

  • Ear drops 
  • Medication
  • Earwax removal
  • Surgical procedures.

The first step in restoring your comfort levels is to schedule a consultation with our office. Please call us today at 212-873-6036 to speak to one of our experts.

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