Combatting Dry Sinuses

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Winter can bring a unique set of challenges. While we all do our best to bundle up and keep warm, we may need more to protect our sinuses from the elements. The cold winter air can cause your sinuses to be dry and irritated, which makes breathing through the nose uncomfortable. But there are a few remedies you can try to help keep your sinuses from being impacted by the harsh winter air. Here is what you can do to protect your sinuses this winter.

Use A Humidifier At Home

Although turning on your heating unit during the winter is essential, it has a few drawbacks that can affect you. While using the heater can make your home warmer, your heater can also remove moisture from the air. When this happens, the air in your home is dry and can significantly contribute to your dry sinuses. To combat the issue, consider using a humidifier to retain moisture in the air while at home. This approach allows you to stay warm while indoors and not compromise on keeping the air in your home moist.

Stay Hydrated

The winter months may tempt you to keep chugging hot beverages, but the problem is that many hot drinks contain dehydrating properties which can contribute to dry sinuses. Although the temperature continues to fall, ensure that you drink plenty of water throughout the day and that your body retains the moisture it needs to function.

Avoid Nasal Irritants

Although the weather is cooling down, many irritants can still upset your nose. Strong chemicals, perfumes, and cigarette smoke can disrupt the moisture balance in your nose and make your sinuses dry.

While avoiding these kinds of irritants can be challenging, you must try your best because potent fragrances can make you miserable. Avoid nasal irritants this winter at all costs.

Be Careful With Nasal Decongestants

Nasal decongestants can be a valuable tool to help you deal with inflammation in your sinuses, but some of their ingredients can create the problem of drying out your sinuses. Consulting with your doctor to find alternatives to nasal decongestants is the best way to keep your sinuses from drying out and help you limit inflammation.

Are you concerned about protecting your sinuses this winter? Please schedule a consultation with our office. Call New York ENT today at 212-873-6036.

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