How to Avoid Ear Infections

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Ear infections can range from mild to severe, and some can end up causing complications.

How Can I Prevent Recurrent Ear Infections?

If you’re prone to getting ear infections, there are some steps you can take to lower this risk. These include reducing your risk of getting colds since these illnesses can raise your chance of having an ear infection. Wash your hands often, especially if you’re around other people who are sick. You can also prevent recurrent ear infections by managing your allergies and keeping your ears clean.

How Do I Prevent Ear Infections When I’m Sick?

When you have a cold or other illness, your chance of having an ear infection can increase. You should get plenty of rest and let your body heal if you have a viral illness. If you suspect that you have a bacterial illness, you’ll need to see your doctor for antibiotics.

What Causes Constant Ear Infections?

You might get constant ear infections if you have problems with fluid building up inside your ear. Keep in mind that your risk of having recurrent ear infections is higher if you have allergies or other conditions that can affect your ears and respiratory systems, such as colds or pneumonia.

How Can I Prevent Ear Infections Naturally?

You can prevent ear infections naturally by quitting smoking and avoiding exposure to secondhand smoke. Washing your hands often can also reduce your risk of colds and other illnesses that could lead to ear infections.

Why Do Adults Get Recurrent Ear Infections?

Adults can get recurrent ear infections when they have an illness or condition that raises the risk of these infections, such as frequent colds or chronic allergies. Problems with the Eustachian tubes not draining, which can cause recurrent infections, aren’t seen as often in adults as children. These tubes are smaller in children, resulting in a higher risk of drainage problems.

How Many Ear Infections Are Too Many?

If you have been dealing with chronic or recurrent ear infections, it’s time to see your doctor. These ear infections can raise your risk of hearing loss and other serious problems if they are left untreated.

How Do I Flush My Ears at Home?

Flushing your ears can help remove earwax that might ease irritation. You should have your doctor manage this rather than doing it on your own.

How Can I Prevent My Ear Infection from Getting Worse?

You can prevent your ear infection from getting worse by seeing your doctor for proper care. Ear infections can lead to eardrum ruptures and other complications when they are left untreated. Having your ear infection properly treated can help prevent further complications.

How Do You Relieve Ear Pain Instantly?

You can help ease ear pain by placing a cool or warm washcloth on the affected area. These only provide short-term treatment. Your doctor might recommend other forms of treatment for recurrent ear infections, such as surgery or prescription medications.

Can Ear Infections Clear Up on Their Own?

Some acute ear infections can clear up on their own, such as those caused by a viral illness. Bacterial infections require antibiotics to stop the infection from spreading. To be safe, you should see your doctor.

If you get frequent ear infections, make an appointment today with New York ENT. Our board-certified physicians have extensive experience treating ear infections.

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