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Should I Get a Hearing Aid?

Senior man wearing hearing aid

Do I Need a Hearing Aid Test?

A hearing test is performed by a specialist in hearing called an audiologist. It is used to evaluate the degree of hearing loss you may be suffering. If you believe you have hearing loss, getting a hearing test done is a valuable first step that will ensure a hearing aid meets your needs.

In some cases, you can get a hearing aid without getting a hearing test first. A test can uncover unusual hearing loss which may indicate underlying medical problems.

How Often Should I Have My Hearing Tested?

People between the ages of 65-75 have some degree of hearing loss. It increases significantly for people older than 75. Hearing tests do not have to be done regularly but should increase in frequency as one ages.

Adult hearing loss will usually emerge beginning in one’s mid-40s. Adults should get a hearing test once every ten years until age 50, then every three years after that. This allows your doctor to determine the rate and severity of hearing loss over time.

What Can a Hearing Test Detect?

There are several different types of hearing test, which can be used in combination to evaluate your overall hearing. These many approaches all work together to determine the lowest decibel level you are capable of hearing. Decibel is a standardized measurement of sound intensity.

What is the Normal Hearing Range?

Adults with hearing loss up to 25 decibels are considered to have normal hearing. Mild hearing loss is in the range of 26-40 decibels; moderate hearing loss from 41-55 decibels; moderate to severe hearing loss 56-70 decibels; and severe is defined at 71-90 decibels. Hearing loss above this, ranging to 100 decibels, is described as profound.

How Do I Read My Hearing Test Results?

Although there are several different types of hearing loss, your hearing test results will usually indicate a decibel range of hearing loss as listed above. Your doctor can interpret these signs to let you know if your hearing loss originates principally from your outer, middle, or inner ear.

How Long is a Hearing Test Good For?

The decline in hearing is a continuous and gradual process. If you are younger than 50, a single test every ten years is usually considered sufficient to protect your health, but there are some exceptions. Your doctor will advise you if more frequent testing is a good idea.

What is Normal Hearing Loss with Age?

Some degree of hearing loss is normal with age. However, the amount of hearing loss differs for everyone based on health and genetics. People of any age with hearing loss up to 25 decibels are considered to have a healthy level of hearing. Mild or moderate hearing loss is not uncommon.

What Are the Signs of Deafness?

Difficulty understanding others’ speech, especially in a noisy atmosphere, is a key sign of reduced hearing. You may find yourself frequently asking others to repeat their words and turning up the volume on a television or radio to hear better.

What is the First Sign of Hearing Loss?

Many patients report that the first sign of hearing loss is the inability to distinguish the sounds “s” and “f.” They may also report problems with high-pitched voices, such as those of children.

If you are experiencing signs of hearing loss, make an appointment today with New York ENT. Our board-certified physicians have extensive experience treating hearing loss.

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